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Island Batik Ambassador Program - It's In the Bag - ByAnnie Blog Hop

At last! The challenge I've been waiting for! This month is the ByAnnie Blog Hop, It's In the Bag! I run the ByAnnie Bag Makers Group on Facebook, and back in January, I also started working for ByAnnie! So that's why this challenge was the most exciting for me.  I also had a bit of choice paralysis- so many great patterns to choose from! So I set up a poll in my Facebook group, and asked the members to vote. I already had a probable choice in the back of my mind, and then that same pattern is the one that won the vote. THEN, Annie herself voted and chose the same pattern as well. That sealed the deal- I would be making Divide and Conquer! Divide and Conquer is a compartmented travel bag that is widely agreed upon to be the most difficult ByAnnie project. I had never made it before, so I was eager to give it a go.  Here is the description from the ByAnnie website:  "Organize it all in these versatile bags in two sizes with adjustable handles and f