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Island Batik Ambassadors - Celebration

*Products provided by sponsors* The final challenge of the year is called Celebration. The Island Batik Ambassadors were given the challenge to make any project that represents a holiday. While it was tempting to choose Christmas, I decided to go down a different route.  Recently, we lost my husband's grandpa, or Taid Fawr, as he was known in our family. Taid Fawr (say "tide VOW-er") means "Great-Grandpa" in Welsh.  Taid Fawr with my younger daughter, who bears a striking resemblance to him Somehow, even though he was 99 years and 2 days old, it seemed too soon for him to go. He was an awesome guy, and one of those people who friends and family wish could live forever. Taid Fawr speaking at our wedding in 2013 Having just lost Nain Fawr (Great Grandma- say "nine VOW-er") not too long ago, it was especially difficult for all who loved them. They were married for 77 years! Taid Fawr and Nain Fawr holding my