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Bobbin chicken

I just might be the all-time Bobbin Chicken Champion. 

Another bag in progress!

Can you guess which By Annie bag this might be? I love this Harry Potter fabric. 

Zip It Up/Mini Series Sew-Along

I used my Mini Series blocks to make a heavily modified Zip It Up (Patterns by Annie).

I should probably introduce myself...

I just realized I started blogging without telling anyone who I am! Hi there. I'm Randi, a crafter and mom from New Jersey.  I used to be a math teacher, but now I run the By Annie Bag Makers group on Facebook, which currently has just over 32,000 (!) members all over the world, and I also run the Slow-Alongs within that group. I also test patterns and custom make bags and quilts. How did I go from teaching math, to this?! Life is crazy. 🙃 When I'm not crafting or momming, I enjoy learning (about everything, but archaeology is my favorite at the moment), trying different kinds of beer and pickles (not at the same time, though- yuck!), and visiting the farm animals that live near our house. I hope you will enjoy reading about my crafty adventures and goodies. Happy sewing! 

Oooh... New Fabric!

This is Firefly by Sarah Watts for Ruby Star Society. Isn't it gorgeous?! Sorry for the low-quality photo- the weather is horrible today, so no outside photos.

Slow-Along Schedule for 2023

Here is the Slow-Along Schedule for next year! The seasons refer to where I live, but these will be open to everyone, everywhere.

Double Zip Gear Bag 2.0 is Done!

I just finished By Annie's Double Zip Gear Bag 2.0 in size small. It went together very smoothly. I'll be doing a Slow-Along for this bag next year. 

Treasures and Trinkets

This is another outstanding By Annie pattern, and is currently my favorite. I recently uploaded a series of tutorials on this project. The videos are free, but you'll need to get your own pattern. This bag was designed for storing jewelry, but it's great for many other things. I plan to use it for storing English paper piecing supplies. It would also make an awesome, fancy first aid kit.

Double Zip Gear Bag 2.0

I have made this great By Annie pattern before, but this is my first time making the small. In general, the smaller the bag, the fiddlier it is to construct, but I have not found that to be true with this bag. Thanks to Annie's fantastic instructions, this has gone together perfectly smoothly.