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Island Batik Ambassador Program - September Challenge

For this month, our challenge was to use a technique that is near and dear to my heart: paper piecing. We were allowed to use foundation paper piecing or English paper piecing, and I chose foundation paper piecing. This month I was lucky enough to work with Ornate Gems by Kathy Engle. I'll be honest- I had a heck of a time settling on a pattern for this challenge. I love foundation paper piecing so much, and the choices are so endless! I was a bit overwhelmed and actually had a few false starts before I finally settled on using the Mini Series patterns by Alison Glass and Giucy Giuce- but with a twist. I enlarged the blocks to better show off the beautiful fabric. So my blocks for this project were 7.5" rather than the 4" blocks I used for the Mini Series Sew Along.  And then, disaster struck.  While opening a jar of salsa, I felt a POP in my wrist and hand, and was almost knocked over by the pain. After lots of bad words and a visit wi